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When will we meet again? – online version

When will we meet again?- online version

A collaboration of pad, Schmitt&Schulz and Kassandra Production.

How it all began:

January 2022 – Three performers, one VJ – one pandemic. All at home in front of the computer with many unanswered questions: Can performance art work online? Can the problems of the world be solved in a performative video meeting? And… when will we meet again?

In the online program of the Out Of Space Festival we show the recording of the livestream from January 2022 (see below).

Finally, in the live program of the festival on September 2nd and 3rd, 2022 we will show the stage version / the STAGING:

Eight months later, the four finally meet live. Were they successful? What problems still exist? Can art make the world better at all? And who defines what is “better”? Is it even possible with four people, or does it not take much more?

In their international co-production, Schmitt&Schulz (Mainz) and Kassandra Production (Denmark) examine which artistic strategies are necessary to initiate social change. In doing so, they become entangled in contradictions, lead fruitless discussions about best courses of action and desperately search for allies – all of which, after entertaining loops and detours, all culminates in one big live performance party. Because there are always good reasons to get together and celebrate 😉

Idea, concept and implementation: Annika B. Lewis, Nic Schmitt, Peter Schulz
Technique and VJ: Mo Walker
Assistant: Lena Wagner


When will we meet again? – online Version

from January 2022:





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