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Founders  and artistic directors



Peter Schulz                    Nic Schmitt

'Schmitt&Schulz' - The Team for Contemporary Theater – have been professionally engaged in the fields of dramatic art, performance and direction since 2004 as well as in collaborative projects with guest actors and in festival appearances.

In October 2007 the partners founded pad as a charitable association. Nic gained her experience in theater organisation from her work in the 'Culture Summer' in Rüsselsheim.  Peter was the Organisation Manager of the Mainz University Theatre for many years.

For more information about Schmitt&Schulz please refer to the performance duo's Homepage

Other staff members

The artistic directors are supported by many volunteer assistants who give their time to individual assignments, including assistant to the artistic directors, Laura-Marie Preßmar. pad is also supported by the many volunteers who tirelessly take care of stage-building, technical, cashier and bar tasks, as well as cleaning, catering and the many other requirements of the theatre. We thank them all sincerely for their support.

Become a volunteer!

Become a part of the pad Team! If you like the sort of activities that pad presents, please feel free to become a part of the team.  Your participation will help us to do even more!

We are always looking for volunteers, helpers and trainees … so, become a Paddy!

If you would like to assist in the office, at evening performances, at rehearsals or to work as an intern with the Festival organisation team, or with technical stage work or behind the bar, please come and talk to us about the areas of the Theater that interest you, how often you would like to come and anything else you may wish to ask. We will be happy to talk to you if you keen to tackle new tasks, lend a helping hand and play a part with us in making pad a success.

If you are interested, just send an email to or call us on 06131-8869433 preferably Monday to Friday between 11 and 12.

Your pad team.

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