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pad is a presentation and production venue for contemporary expressions in Performance, Dance and Installation.

The Program consists of a variety of events, guest performances and in-house productions of Schmitt&Schulz

Events, formats and series'

  • The International Performance Festival (yearly from the end of April until the beginning of May)
  • The Dance Weekend (yearly in June or July)
  • Museum Night in pad (June in odd years)
  • Watch&Eat Durational Performance-Improvisation Nonstopstage from Schmitt&Schulz
  • A variety of guest performances
  • Large pad in-house production (yearly in November)

Emphasis, Imagery, Ideas, Principles

We are always open for other performers or groups wanting to collaborate as artist(s) in residence or within our yearly in-house production.

Our emphasis is on Performance as a staged production. However, Live-Art, Visual Art or other innovative forms of presentations such as installations, exhibitions, action poetry or concerts are also welcome.

The curatorial choice of our Program emphasises solely artistic quality and innovation. The productions are focused on authentic community issues and current trends.

pad is a member of Laprofth e.V. (the Federation of Professional Theatre of Rheinland-Pfalz

pad mainz