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Truth or Dare



A performance game with erotic charms and shy border crossings

Imagine playing truth or dare again. Exciting, what you can learn about other people during the game. And also sexy, if you imagine one or the other or if someone who does not want to tell the truth, must perform frivolous punitive tasks. But how far do you want to go? Where does voluntary self-exposure cease and where does modesty begin? How much do you want to say or do? How much intimacy do we want to keep to ourselves and what do we reveal in public?
More and more people – in search of maximum media presence and self-serving eagerness – reveal much of what they used to keep to themselves. But how sexy is it to know everything – really everything? And what is really real and where does the shameless lie begin?
Nic Schmitt and Peter Schulz dare the attempt for you and face this challenge in a duel: In their very specific stage version of the well-known party game Truth or Dare, they not only explore their own limits, but also those of their viewers.
For voyeuristic aggravation, censorship and evaluation the audience has special tools at their disposal. Be a witness to this daring game in which the performers only lose and the viewers can only win!
Here is the link to the AZ video on “Truth or Dare”:

Additional Performances:

09.11.2013 at 8 pm
14.11.2013 at 8 pm

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