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online interactive performance by Howool Baek 


The earth is a part of the universe, and the universe is conversely a part of the earth. The surface of the earth is on the one hand an explicit border between the earth and the universe and on the other hand they include each other. The process of this spatial transition repeats itself infinitely.

On this basis, the segmented parts of a human body can move freely as if they were countless fragments in space.

Howool Baek has been interested in the theme of repetition and transformation and has developed her new choreographic work Between as an interactive web performance in collaboration with her artist colleagues Matthias Erian and Jin Lee. The audience enters the virtual online space as a subjective, autonomous player and moves there freely by means of mouse and keyboard interactions.

In this sense, Between aesthetically and technically reflects our zeitgeist: the digital age.

Concept, Choreography & Dance: Howool Baek
Interactive Media Art: Jin Lee
Composition & Sound Design: Matthias Erian
Video Animation: Yoann Trellu
Color correction, Color grading and animation: Nadin Heinke
Dance: Nicole Michalla, Lorenzo Savino
Camera: Anna Ilin
Light for Shooting:  Leyla Hoppe
Text & Dialogue Partner:  Okju Son

Already in 2015 Howool Baek showed her dance performance Did U Hear in the former performance art depot as part of the “dance weekend” and – together with Matthias Erian (sounds, video projection) – fascinated the audience with her minimalist and hypnotic choreography.

At the Out Of Space Festival we present Howool Baek with her interactive online performance, which she developed together with Matthias Erian during the pandemic period.

Teaser 1
Teaser 2

The interaktive online Performance is NOW AVAILABLE:


Users Guide …please be sure to observe:

● It works only in CHROME browser.
● You need a Laptop / Desktop, a Mouse and Headphones / Earphones.
● Loading could take a while, depending on your internet speed. Please be
patient. In case it takes too long, RELOAD please.
● After the loading is done, you will see the START button.

– When the performance starts, please refer to the navigation bar at the top left.
– Tips :
1. When “meteorites” come, move your mouse. It will follow the cursor.
2. When “fishes” appear on the belly, click it. After catching them 5 times, you can go to
the next stage:
3. When you see “clouds” in the sky, scratch them with a mouse

Have fun!


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